food photography new york by jean luc mege

Food photography is certainly on the most difficult type of photography to take if you just take a look to what some of the most restaurants show...  However jean-luc loves the challenges and, coming from Lyon, the World Capital of Gastronomy, he just has had a very serious training working for the Figaro Magazine that sent him several times to make some reports on Paul Bocuse, well know to be the Pope of the French Gastronomy... I've only one goal when I make food photography : to give an emotion and make the people hungry just looking at my pictures... 

That's why one of my specialties and passions is food photography, and frankly any photography that celebrates gastronomy, hospitality, great restaurants, hotels, and the talent of Chefs. 
I was born in Lyon, France, World Capital of Gastronomy. I grew up appreciating food and hospitality from the very start. 
I began my photography career at Le Figaro Magazine (many call it the 'Time Magazine' of France.)
Very quickly, I had the pleasure of taking photos of the most famous Chefs in France like Paul Bocuse, Gerard Nandron, Georges Blanc, the Troisgros brothers, Jean-Paul Lacombe, Pierre Orsi and many others.

In New York, the famous (and adorable!) chef Daniel Boulud changed my life in 2009, when a French magazine sent me to make a story about his famous restaurant Daniel...
I began photographing chefs but the trend has now reversed as everyone wants to see the chefs as well as their culinary works of art. I enjoy both types of work -- the chef behind the meal and the meal we will all enjoy.
Now that I live in New York, I want to share all I have learned from my reporting in France and all my knowledge about food photography, and for sure, you will be the primary beneficiaries as we share this delicious world together.

As many of you know, the French truly know how to appreciate life! I try to bring this to all of my photos.
Culinary photos are truly a collaborative work between the chef and the photographer.

I look forward to working with you!