Let me tell you ... A true portrait is like a story. A true story. Your story. Too many photographers only focus on technique, equipment, studio lights... but in the end, often the portraits is empty ... Where is the spirit, the soul of the person being photographed? Where is his (her) personality, his playfulness ? Can we read her (his) strength of character? His (her) desires, joys, sorrows? At least once in your life, you will need a good, an excellent picture of you ... Let me do it. Why ? Because I've done so far over 120 magazine covers ... There are reasons for this ... For years, I often heard the same comments, the same compliments about the portraits I had done: "I usually hate the photos, but, I must admit, that you have made the best pictures of me ... you have a true natural gift "...

I do not think the same way... And I'm going to explain you why...

While I was working as a volunteer in the Home for Dying People of Calcutta,  (Kolkata) one patient told me one day: "Nature is like a boomerang ... What you give, it will reward you ..." And he proved it later in the day by giving me back all the attention that I had worn to him in the morning, through its ultimate and unforgettable smile, -for a portrait I asked him to make-, just few seconds before his last breath. His name was Thomass. I have never forgotten that day and I've never forgotten Thomass... RIP.

" Whatever you give, the nature will reward you. Give if you want to receive ..."

Here is maybe one of my secrets to make good portraits...

Fine Art Portrait

You deserve a portrait that you want to keep or that you want to offer... Black & White is still timeless but color is also possible . These portraits are priceless and you will keep them for life...

Studio Headshot & Corporate Photography

Certainly the most common in corporate photography, a good headshot needs a particular attention... The right background, the right light, but, above all, -and this is the key-, to make the people confortable in front of the lens... A real challenge... Let me do that for you... At the end, a clean and sophisticated portrait for your business needs, to introduce your team or your company that also can be used for press.

Magazine Style & Environmental Portraits

With thousands publications in magazines and at least 120 covers of them, this is for sure one of my specialities.  Get out of the typical classical office shot, attest of your dynamism and give a portrait in action, more natural, less posed for a bigger impact showing a relevant environment that will reveal your personality. 

Celibrity portraits here

Never forget that a portrait is not just a photo technically sharp and well exposed... (read here a text of Nadar from 1850 about Portraits...)